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What is love? How can I show love to another person? The world lives on love. “What the World Needs Now…” “Love Makes the World Go Round.” “How Do I Love Thee; Let me Count the Ways.”

My lovely wife, Carol has blessed me for 45 years and I hope I have blessed her more. Jesus said “The greatest love is tha a man would give his life to save his friend.” Such people are heroes. My wife is my heroine I want always to be a hero to my family. I’m sure you do too.

I think that’s one of the better ways to demonstrate love, but the best of all is to spend lavish amounts of time with those you love. What do you think?

They Walk Among Us

11/11/11, Veteran’s Day.  THEY WALK AMONG US. David@WillDavidMitchell.Com  and  http://MachBooks.Com Why does someone perform a heroic act? Because it’s there to do? Then why the hero instead of others? Most heroes say they acted out of instinct; is it bred … Continue reading

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